Sunday, September 18, 2011

Peace in the Heart

How do you cultivate peace in your heart? The sad truth is that many people are restless and spend much, if not all, of their life looking for something to ease their restlessness. The mind is busy.The world is even busier. And so how does one experience true peace? To begin, you might choose a peaceful place; a place that is free of noise, chaos and distraction. Nature often provides a peaceful environment, as well as spending time alone. Some may find peace in a warm bath, or sitting in meditation. Others may include lying in a hammock or on a float in the pool on a warm summer day as peaceful. Peace is a feeling that comes from being at ease. There is a freedom from the worries of life. It is the ability to "be" rather than the need to "do." Peace is a feeling in which all is well with your world. Everything feels right. You are content in the moment, in the experience, in your living.  But just how do you reach a content and peaceful place within yourself?
To cultivate peace in your heart one must heal the emotions which would otherwise distract you, You must begin to let go of your fears and your worries. Let go of your anger and resentment. Let go of your hurt and sadness. In this way you free your heart to experience the more wondrous feelings of joy, happiness and peace. It is also important to recognize that peace has a spiritual component. It does not matter what you believe in, only that you believe in somethng greater than yourself that has your best interest at heart. In this way, you have the option to surrender your emotional burdens. Often people confuse spirituality with religion, and are opposed to being a part of anything religious.  Spirituality is much more than any particular religion. It is a personalized relationship with the Divine, which may include God, the Angels, the Universe, Buddha, Jesus, Mother Mary, Goddess, or even simply,  a willow tree. Often people will experience a feeling of peacefulness when they attend a church or synagogue. Peace dwells within your spirit. When you nourish your spirit in whatever form, you will find peace. Take the time to cultivate peace in your life. Quiet the mind. Become centered. Breathe deeply. Embrace peace....

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