Friday, September 30, 2011


Do you have the necessary courage to look within? As humans, we would prefer to change anything and everything on the outside, while completely avoiding the feelings on the inside. We attribute feelings of anxiety, depression and physical symptoms to external factors, such as family history or a change in seasons.  We take medication to alleviate the pain and discomfort of the symptoms, without addressing the cause. It takes courage to look inside and acknowledge feelings of hurt, disappointment, fear, or grief. These are the typical emotions that underlie depression and anxiety.  Sadly, some people believe that they will always have to suffer from the long term effects of unexpressed and squelched emotions. It is not true.  These emotions can be healed if you have the courage to go beyond the wall of suffering and reach understanding. Often people who suffer from depression and anxiety are eager to heal the symptoms, but lack the knowledge to do so. When I offer the solution to attend one of the many personal growth weekends, I am met with a surprising and perhaps fearful look. Again, people would prefer to change their circumstances, then to go away for a powerful weekend of transformation. Some people are afraid of the actual work, while others are afraid of the group experience. They are afraid of exposure, of others knowing their struggles. These are the struggles they try to keep concealed. The weekends of healing are not as scary as one may think. It is actually the most rewarding experience and opens you up to greater joy and abundance. Today, I wish for you courage to move beyond your struggle and heal your emotions.   

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