Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Gift of Time

Today was a gift. It had been a long time since I had some time for myself. I was given the time and therefore, I sat with its message. I walked, as I do most days, but chose today to walk alone and without music in my ears. I chose to walk in silence. I wanted to be open to the thoughts and wisdom that came from within, as I walked in the rain. Unlike what I would find on a warm and sunny day, I was the only one walking my typical path. The message rang loud and clear that I was being given time for myself. I quickly realized that I rarely take time for myself. I can have time when it is given to me, but I do not know how to take time. I will make time when there are family responsibilities or obligations to meet. In other words, I will take a day off to visit colleges with my daughter Kelci. I will take time when I am asked to take time, like when the kids were home sick from school. I will take time when I work the weekend programs. In other words, I have to have a reason to take time. Today provided me with the gift of understanding my relationship with time.

The truth is that time is a constant. Everyone gets the same amount of time in a day, regardless of how it is spent. How do you choose to spend your time?  When given extra time, will you work or play? What is your personal relationship with time?

Do you wait for time to magically appear? Or do you secretly hope that someone will give you permission to take some time? In other words, do you feel worthy of your time? Many people feel guilty or ashamed if they get time, take time or have time. They immediately think of things that they should be doing. The truth is that you are worthy of your time. Yet until you feel worthy of your time, you are not likely to make time for you and for the things that you value. As a child,you may have received a different message about time. If you were hurried or rushed regularly, you were not allowed to take your time. Take a moment to think about how that might develop in your living, even as an adult. You cannot take your time. The ego reiterates that you are unworthy of your time. It further suggests that the time of others is more important than your time.Your time is not valuable, therefore it can be easily tossed aside. 

Time is an essential ingredient to living a happy life. It is necessary to have time to spend on yourself, as well as in ways that enhance your living. Give yourself the permission you need to have the time that you deserve. Make time for yourself. Take time for yourself. Share your time with others, but insure that you have your time as well.  .Act as if you are worthy of your time by safeguarding it. After all, your time is valuable and sacred.  Take your time.

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