Monday, February 27, 2012

Flow of Energy

Do you ever wonder about the flow of energy in your life? When recognized you know when you are in the flow of things and all is well. It is alchemy, when all that you touch turns to gold. You are energy and therefore, your life experiences are affected either positively or negatively by your energy. Positive thoughts produce positive experiences. But what about the times, when the energy of your life may be stuck, stagnating the flow of good to and from your living. It is during these times when you may feel frustrated or discouraged. Do not lose hope. Learn to shift your energy. Meditate and open your heart. Take time for yourself. Breathe. Smile. Laugh. Express Gratitude. Move your body.

You will know your energy has shifted when pets and small children seek you out. Others may seek you out as well, but it is most readily observed when it comes from the unconditional love of children and animals. Remind yourself that Life is indeed good, regardless of current circumstances.  Move the energy within you to allow the energy around you to flow easily.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Letting Go of Guilt

Guilt is a powerful emotion that prevents many people from enjoying their lives fully. It has the power of maintaining scarcity, as the guilty person feels unworthy of having that which they desire. Consequently, they live their lives wanting that which they feel unworthy of having. The most common form of guilt is suvivor guilt. It is the feeling associated with surviving something that others did not have the fortune of surviving. In the moment it is devastating, and sadly has lasting effects. For example if you had an ill sibling who passed away at a young age, you may go through life struggling with survivor guilt. Survivor guilt can also originate from a previous lifetime and carry into this lifetime.  Healing guilt is mastered only by accessing the unconscious beliefs and associated decisions, which are typically related to unworthiness. It is an unexplainable freedom to let go of the life inprisonment of guilt.

I Deserve to Have

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Believe in Abundance

What do you believe to be true about your finances? Your chosen beliefs have a powerful influence on what you will experience. Take a moment to think about what your beliefs are about money? Do you believe that money “comes and goes,” or that “there is never enough”? Such beliefs create the experience. The mind is powerful and listens well to the information that you provide. It is necessary to believe in abundance in order to actually have it. If you believe that abundance only comes to others, rather than yourself, you will unconsciously keep your abundance at a distance. Allow your chosen beliefs to support you in the process of creating abundance.

It is okay to live a life of abundance. Begin to claim it today.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Power of your Thoughts

Negative thoughts produce negative feelings,
and therefore negative reactions.

Positive thoughts produce positive feelings,
and therefore positive reactions.

What are you thinking?