Monday, November 25, 2013

Why Worry?

Do you recognize your worrier within?

But why do you worry?

      Because you are afraid of the outcome?
         Because it is how you show that you care?
            Because you feel inadequate or powerless over a situation?
               Because you don't know what else to do?

To alleviate worry is simple. Take action instead! For example, if you are worried about not having enough money, write down your expenses and create a budget. Action provides you with something concrete and constructive while you await the outcome. In other words, it gives you something tangible to do.

Why Worry, when you can take Action instead!  

Friday, July 5, 2013

When your world is crumbling

Are there days when you feel as if your world is crumbling?
Things appear out of control,
Feelings seem overwhelming.
You perceive things to be worse than they probably are.
You ask yourself, What do I do now?
You pause.
                 You breathe.
                                 You steady yourself.

You reassure yourself, "It will be okay."
And tomorrow, It is different.

Do not allow the challenges of today to mislead you into believing that your world is crumbling. Your challenges are only to teach you lessons in faith, trust and patience.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Finding Peace Within

Where art thou?

Busy in the mind?
Thinking, planning, worrying...

Or,  Quiet in the mind?
Reflecting, listening, centering.

Discover the magic of sitting with yourself and just being...
there you will find a peacefulness rise up from within you.

You inhale, and then exhale;
Ready now to take on the world again!


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Worthwhile Living

Hours turn into days,
Days turn into weeks,
Weeks turn into months,
Months turn into years.
Years turn into decades.

Then suddenly, you become alarmed.
But only if you have wasted the time.

Now you question, "What happened?
What have I accomplished?"

Wrestling with feeling worthless,
You throw caution to the wind and
You scatter your life
You throw all your cards out on the table,
Hoping to win at least one hand

But what if
You did not evaluate, criticize or condemn,
You saw everything about your life
as Worthwhile. 

A life well lived.


Monday, April 29, 2013

Not enough time?

Time is short.

Just ask the person whose mother passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack,
Or the parent of a terminally ill child,
Or the woman who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

This is the true understanding that there is "not enough time."
When confronted with the reality that time is up, we suddenly realize how precious time is.

Time is our most valuable commodity. Use it wisely.

           Spend time with those you love while you have the time with them.
           Spend time on yourself. Do not give it all away.
           Spend time doing things that you enjoy doing. You deserve it.
           Spend time in the company of positive people. It keeps your spirit bright.
           Spend time being creative. It is good for the soul.

And when time is up, you feel grateful and not regretful.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Take the Journey to Self.... feel good about yourself as opposed to depending on others to affirm you.

Self-care... the ability to take the time necessary to care for your emotional and physical well-being

Self-worth... to know at your core that you hold value and are worthy of good in your life.

Self-reliance... the ability to count on oneself to meet your needs.

Self-confidence... to recognize your capability and to believe in yourself. 

Self-love... to treat yourself with loving kindness.

All roads derived from the self, lead to the happiness most desired by many.   

Monday, February 18, 2013

What do your eyes reveal?

The eyes are believed to be the "windows of the soul."

What would your eyes reveal to another?

                             An eye full of tears may reveal hurt, loss or fear.
                             An eye that offers a blank stare may reveal distance, shame or distraction
                             An eye that is dull may reveal confusion or disassociation
                             An eye that is clear and bright is fully present and aware.

What is your Soul longing for?

                                                              Freedom (from pain)
                                                              Connection (to others or to Spirit)
                                                              Purpose (fulfillment)

As you do your emotional work, and develop a consistent spiritual practice, your soul evolves and you experience genuine freedom, connection and purpose. Others will be drawn to your spiritual light and energy. There is clarity.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Life's Stepping Stones

Peace brings pleasure
                       Ease brings joy
                                Fun brings smiles
                               Conversation brings sharing
                                               Touch brings connection
                                                                Friends bring support
                                                                              Family brings love

                                                                 Life's Stepping Stones

Sunday, February 10, 2013


She laces up her skates as she tries to settle her nerves. She has worked hard to get here to this Olympic Center in Lake Placid. The rink is full of the energy and memories of many great atlhetes and Olympians. But she is not asking for the glory of an Olympic Medal. She merely wants to skate and to qualify to skate at a higher level in a National Competition. Her coach tells her it is time to take the ice. She hears the encouragement and support of her family, and takes the ice. She stands in the center of the rink all alone with many eyes upon her. The music begins and her graceful movements take over as if she is skating on air. She smiles without losing focus. She jumps, and falls. Her family feels her disappointment, but still knows what she can do. She immediately recovers from the fall and moves forward in her program. It was an almost perfect program, in an almost perfect world. Skating is her passion.

The coach reviews with her all that she did right and that went well. Her family agrees wholeheartedly. We await the scores. She take s a Bronze medal and qualifies for the National Competition. The pressure is off and she can enjoy her other events having already met her goal.

This is the story of determination and resilience. Never Give Up!  Regardless of the falls in your life, learn to get back up and continue your journey to learn, to grow and to become a better you.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Do you whistle while you work?

There is a man who works long, hard hours at a car wash. On a 20 degree day in upstate New York, his clothes are soaked from rinsing clean one car after another.  This is his job; what he does in order to support himself and his family. I sit in a warm car taking careful note of the sacrifices that he is making. He does not seem to mind that he is wet and cold. Instead, he is whistling as he hoses down my vehicle. I smile in amazement. I experience him in that moment as content in what he is doing, regardless of the amount of his paycheck or the harsh conditions within which he works. He inspires me to appreciate what I have, to make the most of a situation, and to find the joy in living.

Do you whistle while you work?

Monday, January 28, 2013

What do you expect of me?

What do you expect of me?

These are words typically spoken by someone who is not worried about meeting expectations, as much as feeling afraid of failing.

It is common to project your fears of failure onto another person in an attempt to avoid failing once again. "Just tell me what you expect of me."It is as if you are asking for the rules of the game. "How do I play? What am I suppose to do?" This is a person that craves direction from another (to alleviate their fear) , and yet desires to be an independent thinker and a leader (to feel successful).

The truth is that the other person does not expect anything from you.

It is your need to get it right, to succeed, to make another person happy.
You don" really need to be told what to do.
You can do what you need to do.

What do I expect of me?
To be true to who I really am, and not what others tell me.


Friday, January 25, 2013

Your Household Climate

What is your Household Climate?

Mostly sunny, where dispositions are mostly sunny and positive. You feel uplifted and happy.
Partly sunny, with an occasional cloud. Some sunshine with the occasional gloom.
Mostly cloudy, where dispositions are mostly negative. You feel drained and tired.
Partly cloudy, with an occasional burst of sunshine.
Warm, where hearts are open and closeness prevails
Cold, where hearts are closed and distance prevails.
Scattered Snow showers, light and fluffy, able to allow things to happen with ease
Scattered Rain showers, pouring of emotion, letting emotions flow.
Stormy, power struggles and conflict prevail. Someone needs their way.
Hurricane Warning, Incoming chaos, must always be prepared
Tornado Warning, Powerful force at risk for rearranging your day,if not your life.
Calm, where peace and tranquility prevail. Home is your respite from the busy world.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Your Life is in My Hands

Do not worry my child...
I have your life in my hands.
It is a time of re-birth,
            With infinite possibilities for what is to come next.
But you need not worry.
Trust Me instead.
The now holds a wondrous gift for you. 


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Do you feel fulfilled?

Often people are looking to feel more fulfilled in one or more areas of their life. This is particularly noticeable in the new year when enthusiasm is high for making the necessary changes to improve your life. Lose weight, save money, get healthier are all common new years resoultions. Often resolutions do not last because the enthusiasm eventually fades. A life that is happy and fulfilling is one that is lived with excitement and enthusiasm. It comes from making time, not only to do what you have to do, but making the time for what you want to do.  Sadly, people look for happiness and fulfillment in a new life adventure, when all they need to do is cultivate it from within. Today, I wish for you the freedom to create the life that you want to have, the prosperity to have financial ease, and the love and trust of those who surround you.

Join me for Light of the Soul: Journey to Fulfillment...
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Let it Begin

Let it begin...

        Let it begin again...

                           But let it begin anew!

The new year offers the potential of unlimited possiblities of what is to become...of the year, of your life, of you. It offers a fresh new start of what it is that you wish to create in life. It is exciting! A resolution is only words, unless it is followed up with action.

2013 is the year of peace and connection to those you love.

May you step into each day of 2013 expecting only good things to happen and may you always have  the love and support of those around you.

Assignment: Write down the goals that you wish to accomplish in the days and months ahead. After all, setting up a target increases your chances of hitting it!

If you are ready to dive into the year wanting to find true happiness and life fulfillment, you need to attend the Light of the Soul:Journey to Fulfillment! It is a five month personal development program (one weekend per month from January to May) that will surely get you loving yourself and your life! Register today!