Monday, January 28, 2013

What do you expect of me?

What do you expect of me?

These are words typically spoken by someone who is not worried about meeting expectations, as much as feeling afraid of failing.

It is common to project your fears of failure onto another person in an attempt to avoid failing once again. "Just tell me what you expect of me."It is as if you are asking for the rules of the game. "How do I play? What am I suppose to do?" This is a person that craves direction from another (to alleviate their fear) , and yet desires to be an independent thinker and a leader (to feel successful).

The truth is that the other person does not expect anything from you.

It is your need to get it right, to succeed, to make another person happy.
You don" really need to be told what to do.
You can do what you need to do.

What do I expect of me?
To be true to who I really am, and not what others tell me.


Friday, January 25, 2013

Your Household Climate

What is your Household Climate?

Mostly sunny, where dispositions are mostly sunny and positive. You feel uplifted and happy.
Partly sunny, with an occasional cloud. Some sunshine with the occasional gloom.
Mostly cloudy, where dispositions are mostly negative. You feel drained and tired.
Partly cloudy, with an occasional burst of sunshine.
Warm, where hearts are open and closeness prevails
Cold, where hearts are closed and distance prevails.
Scattered Snow showers, light and fluffy, able to allow things to happen with ease
Scattered Rain showers, pouring of emotion, letting emotions flow.
Stormy, power struggles and conflict prevail. Someone needs their way.
Hurricane Warning, Incoming chaos, must always be prepared
Tornado Warning, Powerful force at risk for rearranging your day,if not your life.
Calm, where peace and tranquility prevail. Home is your respite from the busy world.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Your Life is in My Hands

Do not worry my child...
I have your life in my hands.
It is a time of re-birth,
            With infinite possibilities for what is to come next.
But you need not worry.
Trust Me instead.
The now holds a wondrous gift for you. 


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Do you feel fulfilled?

Often people are looking to feel more fulfilled in one or more areas of their life. This is particularly noticeable in the new year when enthusiasm is high for making the necessary changes to improve your life. Lose weight, save money, get healthier are all common new years resoultions. Often resolutions do not last because the enthusiasm eventually fades. A life that is happy and fulfilling is one that is lived with excitement and enthusiasm. It comes from making time, not only to do what you have to do, but making the time for what you want to do.  Sadly, people look for happiness and fulfillment in a new life adventure, when all they need to do is cultivate it from within. Today, I wish for you the freedom to create the life that you want to have, the prosperity to have financial ease, and the love and trust of those who surround you.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Let it Begin

Let it begin...

        Let it begin again...

                           But let it begin anew!

The new year offers the potential of unlimited possiblities of what is to become...of the year, of your life, of you. It offers a fresh new start of what it is that you wish to create in life. It is exciting! A resolution is only words, unless it is followed up with action.

2013 is the year of peace and connection to those you love.

May you step into each day of 2013 expecting only good things to happen and may you always have  the love and support of those around you.

Assignment: Write down the goals that you wish to accomplish in the days and months ahead. After all, setting up a target increases your chances of hitting it!

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