Thursday, September 13, 2018

Navigating Transitions

As the weather becomes cooler and the teachers and children return to school, you may find yourself struggling with the transition. Learning to manage transitions is essential to your emotional well-being.

Step 1: Be Patient.
Be patient as you adapt to changes in the schedule. Allow yourself some extra time so as not to feel rushed or harried, and therefore, irritable. Understand that transitions are necessary and not meant to defeat you. Go with the Flow.

Step 2: Accept Change
The truth is that those who struggle in times of transition are often those who resist change. They prefer to keep things the same and predictable. It is thought to feel safer, for it keeps everything in the comfort zone of familiarity. Of course, life does not stay the same. Accept that change is inevitable. Remind yourself that you are capable of handling change. Eventually the changes that you are experiencing in the now will become familiar.

Step 3: Get Grounded
Schedule a counseling session or better yet, attend a Weekend Workshop offered at Avenues Counseling Center. Let go of fears that hold you hostage to resistance and begin to embrace a life of joy and spontaneity.