Monday, February 18, 2013

What do your eyes reveal?

The eyes are believed to be the "windows of the soul."

What would your eyes reveal to another?

                             An eye full of tears may reveal hurt, loss or fear.
                             An eye that offers a blank stare may reveal distance, shame or distraction
                             An eye that is dull may reveal confusion or disassociation
                             An eye that is clear and bright is fully present and aware.

What is your Soul longing for?

                                                              Freedom (from pain)
                                                              Connection (to others or to Spirit)
                                                              Purpose (fulfillment)

As you do your emotional work, and develop a consistent spiritual practice, your soul evolves and you experience genuine freedom, connection and purpose. Others will be drawn to your spiritual light and energy. There is clarity.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Life's Stepping Stones

Peace brings pleasure
                       Ease brings joy
                                Fun brings smiles
                               Conversation brings sharing
                                               Touch brings connection
                                                                Friends bring support
                                                                              Family brings love

                                                                 Life's Stepping Stones

Sunday, February 10, 2013


She laces up her skates as she tries to settle her nerves. She has worked hard to get here to this Olympic Center in Lake Placid. The rink is full of the energy and memories of many great atlhetes and Olympians. But she is not asking for the glory of an Olympic Medal. She merely wants to skate and to qualify to skate at a higher level in a National Competition. Her coach tells her it is time to take the ice. She hears the encouragement and support of her family, and takes the ice. She stands in the center of the rink all alone with many eyes upon her. The music begins and her graceful movements take over as if she is skating on air. She smiles without losing focus. She jumps, and falls. Her family feels her disappointment, but still knows what she can do. She immediately recovers from the fall and moves forward in her program. It was an almost perfect program, in an almost perfect world. Skating is her passion.

The coach reviews with her all that she did right and that went well. Her family agrees wholeheartedly. We await the scores. She take s a Bronze medal and qualifies for the National Competition. The pressure is off and she can enjoy her other events having already met her goal.

This is the story of determination and resilience. Never Give Up!  Regardless of the falls in your life, learn to get back up and continue your journey to learn, to grow and to become a better you.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Do you whistle while you work?

There is a man who works long, hard hours at a car wash. On a 20 degree day in upstate New York, his clothes are soaked from rinsing clean one car after another.  This is his job; what he does in order to support himself and his family. I sit in a warm car taking careful note of the sacrifices that he is making. He does not seem to mind that he is wet and cold. Instead, he is whistling as he hoses down my vehicle. I smile in amazement. I experience him in that moment as content in what he is doing, regardless of the amount of his paycheck or the harsh conditions within which he works. He inspires me to appreciate what I have, to make the most of a situation, and to find the joy in living.

Do you whistle while you work?