Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Karmic Lessons

Do you believe in past lives? If not, that is certainly okay. We all start as non-believers until you get the opportunity to visit a past life through a past life regression or other deep emotional or spiritual process. It is here that you get to re-examine your role and the lessons of that lifetime so as to understand your lessons in this lifetime. Karmic lessons are profound and help you to understand and transform your present life circumstances. Our most important karmic lessons come through our relationships with others. Examples of such karmic lessons are: Illness, Addiction, Criminality, Death and Betrayal.

It supports the idea that nothing in life happens randomly. All things are related to new conscious awareness for greater spiritual growth.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Betrayal and hurt

I know that betrayal is not something we ever want to even think about, no less have to experience in our lives. But it does happen, and it leaves a devastating aftermath. Sadly, betrayal is a powerful feeling that results from another person(s) violating you on an emotional, physical or sexual level. It can come out of nowhere and take a longstanding marriage down to its knees. When betrayal occurs in a marital relationship, all the trust that existed for years is destroyed, and much time and patience is needed to restore the trust. Many people never restore the trust and only project it onto future relationships. Children of parents who have betrayed one another, tend to betray their spouses or be betrayed by their spouses.  The legacy of mistrust and betrayal continues.

Each one of us must learn to live with integrity, to honor our commitments, to heal our emotions, to take responsibility for ourselves and to walk the path of truth and honesty. Integrity is doing what is right regardless of  how difficult or inconvenient it is. Spirit rewards integrity.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Isn't it time to Live, rather than merely survive?

                              How do you want to be living your life?

                  What are you waiting for? 

                                                                           Choose to live the life you desire!