Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The presence of Spirit

What was that? Why did that happen? Strange things do indeed happen. A light flickers on and off. A friend stops in to see you at work unannounced. The hood of your car pops up as you are driving and blocks your view. Are these strange happenings coincidental? Perhaps they could happen to anyone at any given time. But why to you? And why at the moment when it did? Is it the presence of Spirit? Is Someone trying to tell you something that would be beneficial to know? As you become more consciously aware, you open up to a greater knowing that recognizes that things are not random. Everything happens for a reason, because you were never meant to walk this journey of life alone.  Sure, sometimes you feel as if you are all alone, and struggling. But in truth you are not. You are just unaware of the guidance that comes through daily” strange” experiences.   Open up to greater questions, such as “What does that mean?” and “What is the Universe/God/Angels trying to tell me?” Strange things do indeed happen. Listen for its greater meaning.  Spirit is talking to you.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Wisdom within a Latte

Some may think that the occasional latte is merely just a latte. I would disagree. There is a great deal of wisdom that comes from the latte if only you take a sip...

         Yes! You are worthy

         It is okay to take time for yourself

Some like it hot, while others like it cold.

   Some prefer just enough, while others prefer more than enough.




                 Create a tradition.




Indeed, there is a great deal of wisdom in that latte.  In fact, the wisdom may also be found in a cappuccino, an espresso or a cup of tea.  Ahhh… Breathe. Enjoy!

Thanks A Latte! :)

Monday, November 28, 2011


Parenting is by far one of the most difficult jobs we will ever undertake. You dream about having a child or children for much of your young life. You eagerly wait with anticipation for the day that they arrive, and you truly feel that it is the happiest day of your life. Yet upon their arrival, there is no handbook that will help you to navigate the winding course of parenting. There are children who are easy to parent, as they desire guidance and respect your authority. And then there are those children who dislike being parented and refuse to be told what to do. These are the children who, from a young age say "You are not the boss of me," or "You cannot tell me what to do." Now where is that handbook? If only you could turn to a specific page for advice on how to respond to such statements. How would others, with more experience, handle this situation? The truth is that we as parents, are just as unique as each of our children. We would all respond differently. There is no right answer. On parent may feel angry and yell back, while another may walk away ignoring the comments. Still others may defend or justify. Regardless of your own parenting style, one thing remains true. You love your children each one in a way that reflects their individuality. Therefore, as parents it becomes necessary to be firm when needed, but to be loving always. Be a rolemodel of self-respect and loving kindness. You may never be a perfect parent, but you can certainly be a loving and forgiving parent. Be patient. Don't give up on them. Remind your children that you will always love them.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tick, Tock.

Tick, Tock. Tick, Tock.
The hands on the clock move quickly. There is nothing like the end of November to remind us that time moves quickly. Another year is coming to a close. What memories did you create? How have you demonstrated your love to others? How have you demonstrated your love for yourself? Where are you taking your life?  Are you continuing to develop goals and move your life in the direction of such goals? If not, where are you stuck? Recognize that time will not wait for you, while you continue to put things off for a later date. You are worthy of the life that you truly desire. Tick, Tock.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Excitement in Anticipation

I don’t know about you, but I tend to get excited in anticipation of something wonderful happening. It may not surprise you then to know that my favorite day of the year is Christmas Eve day. I love the time in preparation for the big event.  I love knowing that something amazing is going to happen. You meet the day with excitement and anticipation. If only every day, we could feel that way. I am writing this blog on the eve of Thanksgiving Day. I am pleased to say that this year does not hold any grandiose plans, and yet I feel excited. I am eager to experience the joy of a day off with family and good food. This year, I am anticipating staying in my slippers, watching the parade with my girls and helping with the cooking of a delicious dinner. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget my favorite Chocolate Cream pie for dessert! It is so exciting! A part of living life joyfully is being able to enjoy the moments not only in celebration, but also the moments in preparing for the celebration.  Regardless of how you spend the next 24 hours, remember that you are making memories.

Be mindful to

Speak lovingly and thoughtfully to others,

                  To relax,

                              To express gratitude,

                                              To laugh, 

                                                      And to do your part to make it enjoyable and memorable!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Too often we experience circumstances or events in our lives that cause us to assume the burdens and responsibilities of others. We take on the responsibility for what happens to others as if the welfare of others depends solely on us.  We can spend a great deal of emotional energy trying to either make something happen for another or to prevent something from happening to another. We ignore the fact that others are responsible for themselves. The actual definition of responsibility actually has nothing to do with being responsible for another person. At its root form, responsibility is merely the ability to respond to a situation. We lose sight of how to appropriately handle a situation with love when we feel responsible for the other person or a particular outcome. In fact, we expect a certain outcome and when it does not happen, we feel that we have failed. Learn how to offer support to those you love and care for, rather than to assume responsibility for them and what happens to them. For example, if someone chooses to live chaotically, it does not mean that it is your responsibility to rescue them from the chaos that they create. Instead, learn to be a role model  of someone who simply responds to a situation with care, confidence and integrity.  

I respond with love

Monday, November 21, 2011

You are worthy

You are worthy of love.

You are worthy of joy.

You are worthy of having it all.

 Why do you shortchange yourself?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Evidence of Change

For years, I have told people that I choose to be an active member of my Catholic church in hopes to bring positive changes in an organization that needs a great deal of help. Years ago,I had a dear friend, who is now deceased,  say that she could not say aloud, nor agree to, the prayer, "Lord I am not worthy to receive you..." I agreed that the language is harsh and punitive. And so, today my girls and I served on the altar amazed to hear the changes that are to come as of next week with the wording, not only of that prayer, but several other prayers as well. It seems as if the Catholic Church is resigning much of their negative language and finally embracing some much needed change. Marissa held the book that priests have used for many years (if not centuries) to offer prayers during Mass and other Catholic celebrations, in order for Father Leo to "decommission" the Book. Father Leo closed the Book for the final time and handed to me as the lector to carry in procession out of the church. It was truly an honor to be a part of what I consider miraculous! The Catholic Church is embracing positive changes. Alleluia! 

For further information, visit...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Putting the Happy in your Holiday!

The Holidays are coming. A week from today is Thanksgiving. And although it is meant to be a joyful occasion, for many people, it can sadly feel like a dreaded obligation.  After all, the world is full of insecure and wounded individuals who just so happen to show up at your parents’ house on the holidays for dinner. Yikes!  To make this holiday season even happier, the following are some helpful hints for surviving the not-so-Brady Bunch holiday gatherings

1.       Remember that you are not responsible for the insecurities of others, even if they are your family.

2.       Know that it is your responsibility to insure that you have a Happy Holiday.

3.       Ask yourself, “What would make my holiday happy?” In doing so, you are more likely to choose the people, places and experiences that will offer a more joyful experience. 

4.       Stand up for yourself if someone criticizes or mistreats you. Do not react defensively. Simply state, “Please do not criticize me” or, ask a clarifying question such as “What do you mean by that?” At the very least, you will give them something to think about.  

5.       Set yourself up for success. If your family is severely dysfunctional or chaotic, set limits with regard to the time you spend with them. Have dinner at home and visit for dessert.

6.       Avoid those who are strongly opinionated (trying to prove how smart they are), negative (fearful), or gossipy/judgmental (putting others down to feel better about themselves).   

7.       Keep in mind that families are supposed to be loving and supportive. Be a catalyst of change by role-modeling appropriate responses, by praising rather than condemning and by complimenting rather than criticizing. You will not only make it a happier experience for yourself, but for others as well.  

8.       Let go of expectations. They have not changed, but hopefully you have, and continue to grow in loving and appreciating yourself as a person.

9.       Make your holidays, Happy Holidays! Enjoy the experience for what it is and share the love in your heart!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What is abundance?

Although abundance is typically associated with wealth, in truth, abundance is much more than wealth. It encompasses all that is good in life. It is a mindset that recognizes gratitude for all that you already have and for that which already exists.  On a spiritual level, it recognizes how blessed you are in your living. Abundance can certainly mean having a nice home or vehicle, but it also means having good health and time with family and friends. Abundance is having what you truly need, which includes love and a sense of value and purpose as a person. Life is abundant, as easily recognized in nature. There is not just one tree, but many trees. There is not one blade of grass, but many. Abundance exists all around us. We simply need to recognize it and tap into its energy. 

Life is always abundant!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

You are not who you think you are

Although you came into this world pure in your thoughts of who you are, you quickly learned to identify yourself through the eyes of others. As a small child, those other eyes may have been your parents.  As you grew, those eyes became those of your siblings and other children. As you grew older,  so did your innermost longing to be loved and accepted by others. In the effort to gain this acceptance, you also learned how to “be” in order for others to approve of you.  It is similar to the childhood game of telephone. The initial message is distorted so many times that it is no longer recognizable as the message it once was. It is time for you to give up the fears and insecurities that were projected through the eyes of others, and to allow yourself the freedom to be who you really are. In other words, you are not the failure or disappointment that you were led to believe through the eyes of others. You are smart. You are capable. You are talented. You are good in math. You can read. You write well. You have a big heart. You are beautiful. You are worth it. You can do it!

You are not who you think you are…you are amazing!   

Monday, November 14, 2011

Do you know the difference?

There is a difference between holding on and letting go.
There is a difference between letting go and giving up.
There is a difference between giving up and holding on.  
The difference lies in recognizing that everyone must walk their own journey.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Use your voice

Too often people learn to use behaviors, rather than their voice, to communicate. They get angry or upset and sleep in the other room. They walk out the door. They slam down a dish. People who use behaviors to communicate are often misunderstood. Sure, you can ascertain that someone is upset or angry by observing their behavior. However, you may choose to acknowledge or ignore. Most will ignore behaviors as they are deemed immature. A toddler communicates with behaviors as they have yet to gain the language skills to adequately express themselves verbally. Direct communication is healthy communication. Learn to use your voice. Express what you feel. Say what you mean. Compliment rather than criticize or condemn. Otherwise, I cannot hear you.  

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Finally, a breakthrough!  It has been years of trying to figure out what to write for my subsequent book. I have been stalled at the crossroads, playing various ideas over and over again. Yet none of these ideas could fuel the passion that I know is necessary in writing for publication. If you are going to invest many months, if not years, into writing a book, it needs to be a book that you feel passionate about.  Although I have had many good ideas and even some well-meaning starts, nothing has held my passion until tonight. I am grateful for a breakthrough! I began to write as I do each day, but this time something happened as I was writing. The fire within me ignited and I was guided on how to fit the things I want to write about into a logical format. Tonight it all came together. And so, if there is something that you too have been feeling stuck with, I wish you a similar breakthrough.  As you reach various crossroads, you must take either a right or a left. You can stand at that crossroads for a long time waiting and wondering what to do. In truth, it does not matter which direction you choose, it matters that you keep moving forward knowing that it will eventually come together. Break Through!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"I am done!"

You may or may not have heard yourself use this phrase at one time or another in frustration. Sadly, this phrase is often thought or stated when one reaches their breaking point. You have had enough. You can’t take anymore. You give up. These feelings can also surface in relationship to others. There are people that, due to their feelings of hurt, will actually write another person off. They will end the friendship or any further contact because they are angry and hurt. It is important to realize however that there is a difference between giving up (surrender) and letting go. Giving up is accompanied by a feeling of powerlessness.  It carries a negative connotation that feeds anger and frustration. Letting go, on the other hand, means that you release responsibility for the struggle or hardship of others.  Learn to let go, rather than to give up.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Take Action Now

If you have not already noticed, time moves forward. As you get older, time passes quickly. Hence why you may have a list of things you would like to do, but have yet to do. You are the designer of your life.  You make decisions, whether consciously (with awareness) or unconsciously (without awareness) that affect your life and your living. Is what you are doing aligned with the life your desire? If not, why not? Are you selling yourself short? In other words, are you settling for the life you lead, while dreaming about the life you desire?  What do you currently love in your life? Keep those things and have the courage necessary to drop or transform the rest. Take action now to live the life you desire.

The life I desire:

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Yes you can!

Do you ever struggle with feelings of doubt or uncertainty? Do you doubt your abilities? Is there a voice in your head that challenges you at times by telling you, “You can’t do that, You don’t know how, or You have never done that before? Perhaps, that voice tells you instead, “Don’t do that. You will screw it up,” This is often the voice of your ego trying to sabotage your efforts at moving forward. As children, you longed for your parents to notice your abilities, to praise your efforts, to celebrate your accomplishments.  “Look what I can do!” As an adult however, you may sit idly on the sidelines waiting for someone to notice how capable you are. In truth, it may not happen. As adults it is understood that you can take care of yourself, physically and emotionally. Therefore, it is expected that you are capable of validating your own needs and feelings.  Yet, too often people resist stepping into that role. They continue to wait for others to notice and to say or do something that validates them.  True validation comes from within.  It is the knowledge that you are capable. You recognize that although you may not do something perfectly, you are able to do it well.  You can accept yourself as a capable person. It is no longer necessary for others to see that which you already know. You are capable. Therefore, the voice in your head tells you, “Yes, you can!”

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Harvest the Good!

It is fall in the Northeast. The trees continue to grace us with their spectacular colors. You cannot help but to notice them as you drive along the roads and highways. People come from various distances to cast their eyes on such remarkable beauty.  The fall  foliage reminds us that change is necessary.  It is also the season associated with the harvest. What do you wish to harvest in your living? There is much in life that is good. Why not harvest the good? Turn your focus to that which is good in your life. Focus on what is going right, rather than what has gone wrong. In doing so, you are likely to focus on the present rather than on the past. Today I harvest the good. I recognize the blessings of love, wisdom, and health. I see only the good.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Life is an evolutionary process. We begin this lifetime as a small baby and with time, we grow and change and evolve into something larger, something greater. And so it is true for all levels of your being. You are evolving into a greater person, physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Be patient with your evolution. It does take time. Enjoy the experience of knowing and understanding your authentic self. It is this authentic self that will move you to your divine purpose. As you evolve into your authentic self, your gift to humanity as a whole will also be that much greater. You are a physical being evolving into a greater human being that has a special gift to enhance humanity.

I patiently evolve into my authentic being.