Thursday, August 23, 2012

Letting life become better

Life certainly has its ups and downs. When life is up, you feel no need to change or alter anything. When life is down, you feel an urgency to fix things and get things back as they once were. But what if you knew that life had to periodically turn upside down for you to face your own weaknesses?  After all, strength is only demonstrated in times of adversity. Therefore, life periodically offers opportunities to develop our essence. Why stay the same when you can be so much more? Why settle for life as it is, when it can be so much better? Let life become better. Do not be so quick to judge the experiences of life, including those which are the most painful. Be patient and see how things develop and unfold. You may be surprised to recognize that you handle life stress differently, that you love someone even more, or that you are more self-reliant. In other words, your life became better!