Monday, January 30, 2012

It is OK to Modify

There are times and experiences in our life that call us to modify in some way. Consider, for example, when you are interested in trying a new yoga posture. It may feel uncomfortable, if not impossible, to perform the first time without making some kind of modification. And so, you choose to grab a yoga block for addtional support, modify the position, and still achieve success! And so in life, there are times when modifications are necessary in order to achieve success. I, too, have needed to make some modifications recently in my life to insure that I meet my needs for living fully and my needs for writing. This year, I am dedicating some necessary time to working on my third book. (Can you hear the angels applauding?) and therefore will balance my writing time between book writing and blog writing.  I confess that I was not giving myself the necessary time to read, sleep or meditate on a regular basis as there was too much to do in a day. Therefore, it is time to modify. Make the time for what really matters.

Is there something that you must modify in your life, in order to take better care of yourself?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Greatest Gift You Could Give

The greatest gift you could ever give

Is your time.

In the end, nothing else will matter.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Why do a personal growth program?

This is a question that I am asked on occasion when someone is on the fence with regard to attending the Light of the Soul: Journey to Wholeness personal growth program. Initially, I cannot help but to chuckle.  Why wouldn’t you? Too often we get stuck in life and we settle for what is, rather than to create what could be. As intimidating and scary as the idea of attending may be, the benefits are enormous.

To put it simply, attending a personal growth weekend makes your whole life different. You feel different. You look different. You see life differently.  You experience life differently. You are better equipped to handle circumstances. You allow people to know your true self. You get to understand your true self.  You learn to speak your truth. You learn to accept others. You develop a genuine love for yourself. You heal you mind and body connection. You stop making excuses. You see your children as a gift rather than as a chore. You break longstanding patterns. You develop strength from within. You open your heart. You open to healthy, supportive relationships.   You heal your relationship with money. You increase your self-esteem. You feel happy.  You increase your self-worth. You feel content.  You learn to laugh and have fun. You discover what peace really is.   

2012 is the year of change. See what a difference a personal growth weekend can make for your living. For information on 2012 programs, visit

                                                       Make this the year that so much changes…

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Tis the season for making resolutions; to identify what you would like to do differently in the coming year. Personally, I prefer goals to resolutions. Resolutions are merely words, while goals require action. The most common resolutions are to lose weight (improve health), or save money. Let this year be the year that you stick to your guns and make positive changes that last beyond the month of January. Write down your goals for the year. By writing down your goals you actually commit to it with the simplest of action. You wrote it down. Do more than resolve to do something differently this year. Take the actual steps (even if they are small steps) necessary to reach your goal. Ask yourself questions that put action behind your words.

How will you lose weight?
                      What will you do in order to lose weight this year?
How will you save money?
                      What will you do in order to save money this year?

And make 2012 your most successful year!  


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Trying your Hardest

Today I had the privilege to observe several young people pushing hard to conquer their particular tasks at hand, only to come away feeling as if they failed. I think that we can all relate to pushing so hard to have a desired outcome and feeling disappointed when the outcome is other than what was desired. We feel deflated. Whether it was a boy missing what he perceived as an important shot in a basketball game, or a first year cheerleader feeling discouraged that she is not as good as the others, or the skater feeling the pressure to perform perfectly, it is not difficult to resonate with these familiar feelings. When you feel as if you are giving your all, trying your hardest and still not succeeding, it takes a toll on you and you begin to look at life through the glasses of despair. Let the truth be known. If you are truly trying your hardest, you cannot fail. Sure, the outcome may not have been as desired, but you persevered and learned lessons that will remain with you for years to come. You came away recognizing that there are battles in life that you must fight, knowing that you will win some and lose others. Be willing to persevere. Make a promise to yourself to always keep trying until you reach the place you wish to get to. Do not allow discouragement, disappointment or despair to rob you of the success that you deserve. Praise your continued efforts. They will pay off as long as you stay the course.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Back to Work...

As I ready to return to my regularly scheduled work life, I am reminded of a quote from Dr. Seuss:

                              Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.

I chose to take some time this Holiday Season to immerse myself in the wonderful experience of being with family and friends. I can truly say that I loved every minute of it. As is true for many people, I feel sad to see it end. It saddens me to say goodbye to the precious time with family and friends, and the days without time pressures and demands. But like other experiences, it is necessary to say goodbye and to separate ourselves from that which is leaving us. Have you ever noticed the word good in the word goodbye? That is not random. Unfortunately, we as humans are terrible with saying goodbye. We would rather sneak out without being noticed or sever ties completely than to simply say a good bye. We prefer to avoid the feelings of sadness, fear or shame that often accompanies a goodbye, and so sadly we make it a bad  (unhealthy) bye. We dislike separation, despite the fact that they cannot be avoided in this journey in life. Separation happens, and so why not learn to make all of your Byes GOOD?!  

Learn to let go with gratitude for the person, place or experience knowing how it enhanced your living. Be grateful for what you did experience, rather than attaching to the loss of it. Afterall, what would your life been like if you had not had that time or that experience? Let go with love and gratitude. And more importantly, turn toward the good that awaits you! Enjoy all the moments that life has to offer...