Thursday, January 5, 2012

Why do a personal growth program?

This is a question that I am asked on occasion when someone is on the fence with regard to attending the Light of the Soul: Journey to Wholeness personal growth program. Initially, I cannot help but to chuckle.  Why wouldn’t you? Too often we get stuck in life and we settle for what is, rather than to create what could be. As intimidating and scary as the idea of attending may be, the benefits are enormous.

To put it simply, attending a personal growth weekend makes your whole life different. You feel different. You look different. You see life differently.  You experience life differently. You are better equipped to handle circumstances. You allow people to know your true self. You get to understand your true self.  You learn to speak your truth. You learn to accept others. You develop a genuine love for yourself. You heal you mind and body connection. You stop making excuses. You see your children as a gift rather than as a chore. You break longstanding patterns. You develop strength from within. You open your heart. You open to healthy, supportive relationships.   You heal your relationship with money. You increase your self-esteem. You feel happy.  You increase your self-worth. You feel content.  You learn to laugh and have fun. You discover what peace really is.   

2012 is the year of change. See what a difference a personal growth weekend can make for your living. For information on 2012 programs, visit

                                                       Make this the year that so much changes…

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