Monday, January 30, 2012

It is OK to Modify

There are times and experiences in our life that call us to modify in some way. Consider, for example, when you are interested in trying a new yoga posture. It may feel uncomfortable, if not impossible, to perform the first time without making some kind of modification. And so, you choose to grab a yoga block for addtional support, modify the position, and still achieve success! And so in life, there are times when modifications are necessary in order to achieve success. I, too, have needed to make some modifications recently in my life to insure that I meet my needs for living fully and my needs for writing. This year, I am dedicating some necessary time to working on my third book. (Can you hear the angels applauding?) and therefore will balance my writing time between book writing and blog writing.  I confess that I was not giving myself the necessary time to read, sleep or meditate on a regular basis as there was too much to do in a day. Therefore, it is time to modify. Make the time for what really matters.

Is there something that you must modify in your life, in order to take better care of yourself?

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