Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The presence of Spirit

What was that? Why did that happen? Strange things do indeed happen. A light flickers on and off. A friend stops in to see you at work unannounced. The hood of your car pops up as you are driving and blocks your view. Are these strange happenings coincidental? Perhaps they could happen to anyone at any given time. But why to you? And why at the moment when it did? Is it the presence of Spirit? Is Someone trying to tell you something that would be beneficial to know? As you become more consciously aware, you open up to a greater knowing that recognizes that things are not random. Everything happens for a reason, because you were never meant to walk this journey of life alone.  Sure, sometimes you feel as if you are all alone, and struggling. But in truth you are not. You are just unaware of the guidance that comes through daily” strange” experiences.   Open up to greater questions, such as “What does that mean?” and “What is the Universe/God/Angels trying to tell me?” Strange things do indeed happen. Listen for its greater meaning.  Spirit is talking to you.

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