Monday, November 28, 2011


Parenting is by far one of the most difficult jobs we will ever undertake. You dream about having a child or children for much of your young life. You eagerly wait with anticipation for the day that they arrive, and you truly feel that it is the happiest day of your life. Yet upon their arrival, there is no handbook that will help you to navigate the winding course of parenting. There are children who are easy to parent, as they desire guidance and respect your authority. And then there are those children who dislike being parented and refuse to be told what to do. These are the children who, from a young age say "You are not the boss of me," or "You cannot tell me what to do." Now where is that handbook? If only you could turn to a specific page for advice on how to respond to such statements. How would others, with more experience, handle this situation? The truth is that we as parents, are just as unique as each of our children. We would all respond differently. There is no right answer. On parent may feel angry and yell back, while another may walk away ignoring the comments. Still others may defend or justify. Regardless of your own parenting style, one thing remains true. You love your children each one in a way that reflects their individuality. Therefore, as parents it becomes necessary to be firm when needed, but to be loving always. Be a rolemodel of self-respect and loving kindness. You may never be a perfect parent, but you can certainly be a loving and forgiving parent. Be patient. Don't give up on them. Remind your children that you will always love them.

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