Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Finally, a breakthrough!  It has been years of trying to figure out what to write for my subsequent book. I have been stalled at the crossroads, playing various ideas over and over again. Yet none of these ideas could fuel the passion that I know is necessary in writing for publication. If you are going to invest many months, if not years, into writing a book, it needs to be a book that you feel passionate about.  Although I have had many good ideas and even some well-meaning starts, nothing has held my passion until tonight. I am grateful for a breakthrough! I began to write as I do each day, but this time something happened as I was writing. The fire within me ignited and I was guided on how to fit the things I want to write about into a logical format. Tonight it all came together. And so, if there is something that you too have been feeling stuck with, I wish you a similar breakthrough.  As you reach various crossroads, you must take either a right or a left. You can stand at that crossroads for a long time waiting and wondering what to do. In truth, it does not matter which direction you choose, it matters that you keep moving forward knowing that it will eventually come together. Break Through!

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