Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Excitement in Anticipation

I don’t know about you, but I tend to get excited in anticipation of something wonderful happening. It may not surprise you then to know that my favorite day of the year is Christmas Eve day. I love the time in preparation for the big event.  I love knowing that something amazing is going to happen. You meet the day with excitement and anticipation. If only every day, we could feel that way. I am writing this blog on the eve of Thanksgiving Day. I am pleased to say that this year does not hold any grandiose plans, and yet I feel excited. I am eager to experience the joy of a day off with family and good food. This year, I am anticipating staying in my slippers, watching the parade with my girls and helping with the cooking of a delicious dinner. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget my favorite Chocolate Cream pie for dessert! It is so exciting! A part of living life joyfully is being able to enjoy the moments not only in celebration, but also the moments in preparing for the celebration.  Regardless of how you spend the next 24 hours, remember that you are making memories.

Be mindful to

Speak lovingly and thoughtfully to others,

                  To relax,

                              To express gratitude,

                                              To laugh, 

                                                      And to do your part to make it enjoyable and memorable!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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