Thursday, November 3, 2011

Yes you can!

Do you ever struggle with feelings of doubt or uncertainty? Do you doubt your abilities? Is there a voice in your head that challenges you at times by telling you, “You can’t do that, You don’t know how, or You have never done that before? Perhaps, that voice tells you instead, “Don’t do that. You will screw it up,” This is often the voice of your ego trying to sabotage your efforts at moving forward. As children, you longed for your parents to notice your abilities, to praise your efforts, to celebrate your accomplishments.  “Look what I can do!” As an adult however, you may sit idly on the sidelines waiting for someone to notice how capable you are. In truth, it may not happen. As adults it is understood that you can take care of yourself, physically and emotionally. Therefore, it is expected that you are capable of validating your own needs and feelings.  Yet, too often people resist stepping into that role. They continue to wait for others to notice and to say or do something that validates them.  True validation comes from within.  It is the knowledge that you are capable. You recognize that although you may not do something perfectly, you are able to do it well.  You can accept yourself as a capable person. It is no longer necessary for others to see that which you already know. You are capable. Therefore, the voice in your head tells you, “Yes, you can!”

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