Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Too often we experience circumstances or events in our lives that cause us to assume the burdens and responsibilities of others. We take on the responsibility for what happens to others as if the welfare of others depends solely on us.  We can spend a great deal of emotional energy trying to either make something happen for another or to prevent something from happening to another. We ignore the fact that others are responsible for themselves. The actual definition of responsibility actually has nothing to do with being responsible for another person. At its root form, responsibility is merely the ability to respond to a situation. We lose sight of how to appropriately handle a situation with love when we feel responsible for the other person or a particular outcome. In fact, we expect a certain outcome and when it does not happen, we feel that we have failed. Learn how to offer support to those you love and care for, rather than to assume responsibility for them and what happens to them. For example, if someone chooses to live chaotically, it does not mean that it is your responsibility to rescue them from the chaos that they create. Instead, learn to be a role model  of someone who simply responds to a situation with care, confidence and integrity.  

I respond with love

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