Friday, January 25, 2013

Your Household Climate

What is your Household Climate?

Mostly sunny, where dispositions are mostly sunny and positive. You feel uplifted and happy.
Partly sunny, with an occasional cloud. Some sunshine with the occasional gloom.
Mostly cloudy, where dispositions are mostly negative. You feel drained and tired.
Partly cloudy, with an occasional burst of sunshine.
Warm, where hearts are open and closeness prevails
Cold, where hearts are closed and distance prevails.
Scattered Snow showers, light and fluffy, able to allow things to happen with ease
Scattered Rain showers, pouring of emotion, letting emotions flow.
Stormy, power struggles and conflict prevail. Someone needs their way.
Hurricane Warning, Incoming chaos, must always be prepared
Tornado Warning, Powerful force at risk for rearranging your day,if not your life.
Calm, where peace and tranquility prevail. Home is your respite from the busy world.

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