Monday, September 26, 2011

Feeling Successful

Most people yearn to feel accomplished. It is the idea that you have accomplished something that you set out to do. In other words, you have achieved success. And even more importantly, you are successful. We yearn to feel successful. Too often, people feel quite the opposite.  They feel that they have failed. They then internalize the thoughts and feelings and eventually identify themselves as a failure.  That is, I am a failure. Consequently, they become quickly frustrated in their attempts or worse yet, they quit before they try. They then set their sights either on something large or something later.  When I get my college degree, I will be successful. When I marry and have children, I will be successful. When I write a book, I will be successful. When I earn more money, I will be successful. Sadly though, it also means that success must wait until later. Why wait? Begin today to cultivate success in your life.  Find something that you can easily accomplish today. Put away the baskets of laundry. Clean out the kitchen drawer. Organize your desk.  Choose a task that you know that you can accomplish in a reasonable amount of time. In that way, you will avoid the common feeling of defeat that underlies failure. Make the task enjoyable by playing music or enjoying a cup of tea.  And then tomorrow, find something else to accomplish. With a string of daily accomplishments, you will begin to feel success rising from the depth of your being. There lies the feeling of victory, success and pride in oneself. You are successful.  

Last night I was in bed, when I realized that I had not written my daily blog.  Several nights prior, I had gone to bed very late and therefore, I felt tired. In addition, my body was tired from closing the pool the day before and doing various other projects around my house. I thought about jumping out of bed and getting my computer to write, and then I told myself that it was okay. It had been a day of accomplishment. There were things that had been on my list for months, if not a year, and I chose to accomplish them today. I went to sleep knowing that I had accomplished a great deal in my day.  I went to sleep peacefully and awoke this morning ready to write.  And so, I challenge you to step into your success…

What can you accomplish today?

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