Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Are you up for a Challenge?

After attending various school functions each evening this week, I was initially considering skipping tonights school function, so as to get something done at home, ormore importantly, to spend time with the girls. When I arrived home, I asked the girls about the program, which they had attended earlier in the day. They both strongly encouraged Jamie and I to attend. I was interested as I had heard that the program, entitled Rachels Challenge, was inspirational.

I am so grateful to Newfield Middle and High School for bringing such a heart-warming and powerful message to the school community. The program was created in memory of Rachel Joy Scott , the first high school student shot in the Columbine High School Tragedy.  Rachel kept a diary and wrote words of inspiration knowing that one day she would touch the lives of millions of people. Only weeks before the shooting that took 13 lives, Rachel had written an essay that later became the catalyst for inspiring greater kindness and compassion in the world. It was a wonderful presentation that depicted stories from her life in which she demonstrated kindness. For example, Rachel would choose to stand up for kids being bullied and sat with new students at lunch, so that they would not sit alone in the feelings of isolation and rejection.

 Rachels challenge is: 1) to always see the best in others, 2) to have positive influences,3) to dream big, 4) to use kind words that heal, instead of hurt, and finally, 5) to create a chain reaction of kindness. It was a reminder of how important kindness is to creating a loving, supportive home, a caring neighborhood, an involved community and a world of peace. Kindness.
Such a simple concept that is too often ignored. Unfortunately, it takes human tragedy and natural disasters for many people to remember to practice kindness. The program encouraged students and parents alike to make a commitment to practicing the five values that most notably represented Rachel.

I wish to pass this challenge on to you. Are you willing to
always see the best in others,
to have positive influences,
 to dream big,
to use kind words,
 and to show others kindness?

Would it really be a challenge?

For more information, visit the link:
Rachel's Challenge


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