Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Need for Order

Do you have a need for order? Are you the type of person who gets irritable if your house or desk is out of order? In other words, does a lack of order cause an emotional reaction? If so, you are not alone. Many people are adversely affected by a lack of order, which is often related to the condition of their childhood environment. Many people crave order as a result of growing up in chaotic home environments. Whether there were emotional conflicts between family members, or the challenge of trying to find your belongings, chaos can leave its impression in adulthood. You can either continue the pattern of chaos as it is familiar and comfortable, or you can do the opposite, so as not to feel the same way you did as a child. A lack of order can be associated with a lack of control.  Thus, life feels overwhelming. It is then necessary to gain control. You want to know where the scissors are when you need them.

We often hope for order, but do not always take the time to create order. It takes someone coming to visit for a weekend to put things in order. During times of feeling emotionally overwhelmed, put something simple in order. Clean out a drawer. Tidy up a closet. Order allows us to feel grounded and renews our feeling of security in the world.

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