Monday, September 26, 2011

Creating a Balanced Life

Ahhh....balance.  You may agree that life is good when there is balance. It is important to note, however, that balance does not in any way suggest perfection. Your life and all matters within your life are not expected to be perfect, only in balance. It can be said then that balance is more of an attitude, than an actual life experience.  Balance allows you to be peaceful with the matters of life. You may have laundry to do, but you remain peaceful. To live a balanced life is to put aside the emotional drama. There is no need to react or to over react, to blame or to defend. Your life, and all that it entails, will be taken care of. When balanced, you get things done. You move from one task or obligation to another, with a sense of peacefulness. You remain patient with those around you. You listen as others speak. You get your work done and you do it well. You smile throughout your day. You take time for yourself and for others. You manage your life in all aspects needed, without complaint. You ask for help. You wait patiently. You go with the flow; you can let go of an expected outcome and trust the unknown. You can allow things to evolve, to grow and to change. You see the good in all situations and in all people. You are balanced. And from this balanced place, there is an inner peace that recgonizes that you are safe and all is well.

How do you create Balance?

The following are keys to creating a balanced life:

1.       Take time for yourself. Enjoy your own company.

2.       Breathe. Take deep breaths throughout your day.

3.       Develop tools for staying grounded (meditation, guided imagery. therapy)

4.       Burn incense or sage.

5.       Release negative emotions.

6.       Connect lovingly with others.

7.       Read inspirational material. Avoid the news and television drama.  

8.       Take a walk or other physical activity.

9.       Acknowledge your gratitude.

10.   Be restful. (Get adequate sleep)

11.   Take time in nature.  

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