Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nature's Gentle Reminders

Thank you, Nature, for your gentle and ever present reminders:

The sun-- for reminding us that each day offers a new beginning.

The sky-- for showing us that life is full of endless opportunities.

The lakes-- for teaching us that wisdom comes only with stillness.

The waterfalls-- for life is not about how much or how little we have, but how persistent we are.

The rivers-- for demonstrating the steadiness with which we must move toward our dreams and ambitions.

The mountains-- for reminding us that beauty exists beyond the challenges in life.

The trees-- for knowing when to stand alone and when to embrace the support of a community.

The wind-- for encouraging us to be flexible and to move as God readily directs us.

The roads and highways-- for reminding us that there is always the means with which to move forward.

The moon-- for providing us with the necessary time to pause, rest, and replenish.

Thank you, Nature, for your gentle and ever- present reminders.

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