Saturday, October 29, 2011

Stop worrying about money

In challenging economic times, it is common to worry about money. Worry is nothing more than normalized fear. No one wants to admit to feeling fear, yet they will often say that they worry. When you worry about money,you are likely to feel afraid that there is not enough. Keep in mind that the fear of not having enough money rarely creates affluence. On the contrary, it brings your focus to not enough. Since what you focus on increases, you increase the likelihood of not having enough money in your life. Worry is a waste of time. It only produces more worry. In addition, I have sadly witnessed people becoming seriously ill as a result of being worried about money. Spare yourself the misery by recognizing that people survive financial issues. It may take some time to turn it around, but you will get beyond whatever financial issues you are facing. It is not beneficial to worry. Worry only fills the void when you are unsure of what else to do. If you need to do something, choose to create a plan for improving your finances. Revise your budget. Get a second job. Sell the treadmill that you no longer use. But do not worry. Know instead, that “This too shall pass.” You will indeed survive. Let go of fear and worry and embrace trust.

                                                        I always have enough.

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