Monday, October 31, 2011


Do you often feel like you have to do things alone? Perhaps you were raised in a family where you were taught that you cannot count on anyone but yourself. In this way, you believe that it is necessary to forgo the hope that another person will help you with a needed task. You learn to do it yourself. In this way, you also establish a pattern in which, not only will you do it yourself, you will also forget to even ask for help. You will tell yourself, "why should I ask, no one helps me anyway"Although this is a common belief, the truth is that you desire to have the company or assistance of another. Although, you cannot count on another, you secretly hope that another will join you. There is something to be said for the support of togetherness. It is the idea that we are not alone, and in fact "are in this together." Today I had the opportunity to walk the streets of Newfield with a number of families, sharing laughter and keeping excited children safe. There is a great deal of love and support in togetherness.   

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