Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I am grateful for every day, but today seemed to hold special meaning.  I had the honor of traveling alone with my mother to Pennsylvania to meet my sister and niece for the day.  It was the first leg of my Mom’s journey back to Tampa, Florida.  It was a magnificent drive in which we were enveloped by the beautiful fall foliage in the Northeast. My Mom and I stopped at a local farmers market decorated for Halloween and picked up the most delicious apples. To see my mother eat an apple in the car seemed like a miracle. Fruit and vegetables are a rarity in her diet. We continued the drive during which I asked my mother questions related to her child-rearing years and her personal childhood. We had such an enjoyable few hours in the car today reminiscing about the happy times in her life. I could not help but to feel grateful for this precious time together. At one point, she looked over at me and said that she was glad to have the time together. My heart is forever touched by this day. May you experience the gratitude that comes with spending quality time with someone you love.      

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