Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Managing Expectations

As humans, we hold expectations. Whether they are expectations for ourselves or for others, we have expectations. We expect our spouses to help around the house or our colleague to follow through on a project.  We expect our children to do well in school and our dog to protect our home. Expectations, what are they and how do they serve us? Expectations are ways in which we can possibly grow to be better human beings. Therefore, expectations are not meant to limit us or anyone else, but to raise us to a new and better standard of living. That is, we need to hold the bar higher so as to always be striving to be better, stronger, more aware, and more centered.  Expectations are standards. Thus, we expect others to live up to our standards. In truth, we do not have any business holding anyone to our standards.  We can only hold ourselves to our standards. Standards are typically bestowed upon us by our parents who received them from their parents.  These standards are then translated into expectations. Your parents expect you to live up to (if not to go beyond) their standard, whether you are aware of them or not. Expectations may be spoken but are more likely to be unspoken.  Tell the truth, work hard, save your money, be kind to others. Often people perceive expectations as negative in that they feel pressured to do what is expected of them. They feel afraid of failing or of disappointing another. Therefore, they resist honoring a standard for themselves. They do not see the gift of accountability. For today, expect something great of yourself.   

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