Friday, October 21, 2011


We live in a society in which contentment is sought, but rarely achieved. Most people look for more in the hope of filling an empty place within their souls. They look to have a bigger house or a nicer vehicle. They shop for more material possessions as what they have is no longer good enough. It is an endless battle to feel content and satisfied in one’s living. If you look within, it is there that you will find true contentment. It is a feeling that all is right with the world. No matter what happens, you know all is well. You don’t need more, because what you have is sufficient. Contentment is the ability to accept things for what they are. There is no need to change or complain. It is the belief that things happen for a reason. You can trust the outcome. To develop contentment, you need to practice feeling satisfied.  Notice when you feel satisfied. Practice using the word satisfied in statements such as, “I am satisfied”, or “That satisfies me.” It is possible to feel content and satisfied. Make it a part of your daily experience.

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