Saturday, November 3, 2012

Freedom from the Chains of Obligations

Do you ever feel chained to your obligations? Obligations could be either emotional, as in your need to attend your children's school events, or financial, as in paying your mortgage or car loan. When you feel obligated, you can become resentful, particularly if your obligations prevent you from enjoying life.  In other words, you cannot take a day off from work, as you would feel guilty (emotional) in letting your boss down or you will not get paid (financial). These feelings are associated with sacrifice. It is the perceived need to sacrifice one's time and interests to meet the needs or desires of others. Life balance is being able to meet your needs, while also being attentive to the needs of those that you love. You can give more to others only when you have given to yourself. When chained to obligations, one is at risk for forcefully breaking the chains in an abrupt attempt to free their soul. In truth, all that was needed was a gentle balance, as in asking for what you need and giving yourself permission to not only have needs, but the desire to meet them. 

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