Friday, November 16, 2012

Heart vs. Ego

The Heart vs. The Ego. The two do battle, each one desiring dominance over your life. The Ego speaks to you of a longing for something more...more love, more passion, more joy. It comes from an emptiness within and a strong desire to be fulfilled. It leads you to believe that you are a failure, you do not know what you are doing, or you are to blame. It provides you with the illlusion of what can be, while sabotaging you in your life. The Ego is responsible for vioations of integrity including thievery, and extramarital affairs. The Ego tells you that what you are doing is right, even if when it is wrong.

The heart speaks to you of the desire to love and be loved. It is afraid of being hurt and of hurting those that you love. It does not want to be broken. It wants and fears genuine closeness, the ability for others to know you and still love you.  The heart does not always communicate in words. Sometimes it communicates in actions. The heart yearns not for fulfillment, but for a love that never ends.

The Heart vs. Ego, Love vs. Illusion 

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