Sunday, June 10, 2012

Your Life Path

As much as you might prefer your life to follow a path that is smooth, clear and familiar, it does not typically happen. It certainly would be nice to clearly see what lies up ahead, so as to either avoid impending disaster or feel reassured by its appearance of good things. Yet life includes the unexpected obstacles and detours that leave you wondering if you will be okay and if you can handle the changes. Such changes in life, and unforeseen curves on the path, are only to make you a stronger and more adaptable individual. Like a tree whose branches shift to accommodate a strong wind, you too must learn to be flexible enough to bend, so as not to break during difficult and challenging times. Know that Spirit guides your path at all times and wants you to practice greater trust and faith. Faith is believing without seeing. If the path was predictable, how would you practice faith?

Although I cannot see what lies ahead,
I take one step at a time,
Knowing that I walk in faith,
And trust that all is well.

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