Thursday, June 14, 2012

What is integrity?

Integrity is when who you are on the inside (your character) is congruent to your actions and the way that you live your life. There are obvious, as well as subtle violations of integrity. The obvious violations of integrity are those that are often avoided, while the subtle violations of integrity are more common.

                                          Integrity is:
being honest
arriving on time
honoring your word
keeping your commitments
telling a cashier that she miscounted your change
following through on your promises
meeting your financial responsibilities
being where you said you would be
paying your parking tickets
leaving tasks unfinished

The Universe rewards a person of good integrity. To live in your integrity is to do what is right, regardless of how difficult or inconvenient. Integrity is the ability to live your life as if someone from above could look down at how you are behaving,
and you feel proud of what they see.
Integrity directs your course in life.

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