Monday, June 18, 2012

Working through differences

If no two people are exactly the same with regard to personality, history, and perceptions, then of course there will be differences. There can be differences of perception, as well as differences of opinion. Regardless of what type of differences you may be experiencing in your life, it is essential  to learn how to work through such differences. When faced with differences, people will either give in,  give up, or confront. Giving in allows you to surrender with trust, while giving up leads you to surrender with fear and mistrust. To confront is to gain understanding and move toward resolution. Too many people give up and therefore surrender the opportunity to learn how to work through differences. To work through differences, requires honest communication, understanding and a willingness to move beyond the strong emotions of hurt and anger. It may mean accepting responsibility for oneself and one's actions and perhaps, saying "I am sorry." Hurt causes divorce. Imagine how many people would still be married if they knew how to work through differences, rather than to give up and perceive that nothing will change, so "why bother." Marriages, family relationships, friendships and life are worth the effort! Learn how to work through your differences, and the emotions they cause, so as to keep beautiful people in your life.


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