Tuesday, June 12, 2012

For the Love of Family

Do you love and adore your family? Or do you perceive your family as one chore after another, a burden to carry? Much of how we perceive our families as adults has to do with how we experienced our families as children and adolescents. As a result you either appreciate or resent those that you love. If you love and adore your family, you appreciate your family and you see them as a gift to your living. You do not want to live life without them. You enjoy your time spent caring for them.  If you resent your family, you see them as a burden that needs to be lifted. You become desperate to alleviate the overwhelming sense of responsibility that keeps you enslaved. You look for a much needed escape for working so hard for what feels like so little in return. This is a typical response when given family responsibilities at a young age.  As you transform resentment into love, you shift your perception of family from burden to the gift they truly are. You experience the responsibilities as loving ways to nurture and care for your loved ones. You give lovingly and you receive lovingly.

To create a family is to honor a commitment
To be in a family is to appreciate being loved and cared for.
To run a family is to be respected and admired.
To love a family is to fill your heart. 
To enjoy a family is to take time to play
To keep a family is to express love and kindness.   

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