Sunday, April 29, 2012

What Kind of Mask Do You Wear?

We all have worn masks at one time or another that projects an image or persona that hides our authentic self. Masks shield our vulnerabilities and insecurities, and prevent us from feeling authentic happiness and fulfillment. What kind of mask do you wear?

 Mask of Illusion/Deception
                I use illusion to gain the trust of others.  I can become whatever you need me to be (chameleon) so as to never be alone. I am good at controlling and manipulating people and situations to maintain the illusion.  I wear many masks which change based on who is standing in front of me.

Mask of Innocence
                Timid, quiet, shy and unaware. I am not sure what is happening or what I am doing, but I am doing it anyway. Sadly, the consequences will follow when I do realize what is happening.

Mask of Anger
                Angry, explosive.  Reacting from a place of fear and hurt in an unconscious attempt to push those who are hurting them away. Stay away from me if you are going to hurt me.

Mask of Humor
                I am here to make you laugh. My laughter serves you while covering up my own feelings of self-hatred and disgust. I am here to entertain.

Mask of Protection
                I am here to protect at all cost.Do not mess with me. I do not want anyone to suffer the injustices that I have suffered.

Mask of Shame
                I deny my feelings so as not to feel shame and inadequacy. I would rather you see me as great and amazing, than to see me as the failure that I think I am.

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