Monday, December 19, 2011

Thank you for your help!

To all those whom I have expected help and yet never asked, I wish to say thank you. Thank you for helping me to see that the problem was not that you did not want to help, but simply that I did not feel worthy of help. I apologize for getting upset with you when you could not read my mind. I thought that you should know that I needed help. Afterall, I thought that you could see me overwhelmed and struggling? But then again, I never wanted you to know that I was struggling. I thought that it would punish you to do everything myself. Wrong. It punished me. Is it any wonder that everything became more complicated and therefore took longer than desired? I know now that there was never any ease because I could not allow it to be easy.  Ease comes from allowing others to help. And so, I wish to say thank you for all the times, past and present, when you were there to help me. I not only accept your help, but I greatly appreciate it. 

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