Sunday, September 30, 2012

Take Time to Play

As adults we often become inundated with responsibilities. We look at life from the perspective of things that we have to do. There is the laundry to wash, the groceries to purchase, and the mortgage to pay. As children, these things never registered in our young, innocent minds. We were free of responsibilities with the exception of academics and the occasional, “please go brush your teeth.”  Therefore, adults, unlike children, begin to lose sight of the benefit of play. Our priorities are no longer about having fun, but of getting things done. Here lies the reality of growing older. But sadly, all work and little play can truly cause adults to feel burdened and resentful, not only of responsibilities, but by life.

It is not only fun to play, it is absolutely necessary. Playing and having fun keeps your heart open and your spirit alive! How did you play as a child? How did you entertain yourself as a teen? For example, perhaps you loved to draw or color as a child? Maybe you played volleyball or enjoyed going bowling or to the movies?

Chances are good that some of those same things that you did as a child or as a teen, can still open your heart and enliven your spirit.  Take time to play again. In this way you will balance the responsibilities of life with the Enjoyment  of life.


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